Despite the importance of social media for shoring up goodwill and generating leads for your business, email marketing campaigns are still an indispensable tool. Here are some ways to use email to enhance your sales.

Adjust Your Email Headers

Before you send a large-scale email as part of your marketing effort, be sure to review its headers’ details to ensure that they are error-free. The sender’s address should be recognizable so that the recipients do not confuse it with malicious spam.

Include an Enticing Subject Line

Before sending a mass marketing email, it is necessary to consider that it might end up lost among the volume of other emails that fill your recipients’ inboxes. Before pressing the send button, take care to carefully craft your email’s subject line to make it impossible to resist opening.

Include Eye-Catching Images

Once your email’s subject line has inspired its recipients to click on it, be sure it greets them with eye-catching imagery. Well-designed, relevant images are the most effective way to engage your audience because they can quickly communicate what you want to say. Text is most effective when it supports an image.

Use Images of Familiar People

As much as possible, consider including images of people associated with your business rather than generic images. Most email marketing professionals agree that it is easier for people to engage with your message if it includes pictures of relatable people.

Calculate the Amount and Placement of Text

The rules for composing social media posts also apply to the emails you send as part of a successful marketing campaign. You have a limited amount of time to engage your recipients, and if they open your email to find a wall of text, you can assume that they will not take the time to read it through to the end. You can significantly increase the chances of communicating your message by editing it down to the fewest words possible.

Whittling down your text does not mean you should eliminate it. Some spam-blocking software may flag your email as spam, which frequently consists of image-only email. If you embed text into images or do not include any, visually impaired recipients who use screen reader software will not have access to your message. Keeping text and images separate will prevent this and also facilitate searches for your email using specific words.

Successful email marketing can increase your revenue when it effectively engages your target audience.