An important element of your business’s web page is website optimization. When your site is optimized, it is designed to load faster. Studies show that pages that take longer to load are more than twice as likely to be abandoned by the visitor. The longer it takes to load, the odds that your visitor won’t hang around increase. Here are some tips to help your page load faster.

1. Image Compression

Images are an important design element to make your page more attractive. You don’t want to do away with them, but they do slow down the load time of your page. The answer to this issue is to use image compression. Compression software can dramatically reduce the load time of images.

2. Redirects

Broken links are annoying and they reflect poorly on your company. Keep your site updated and regularly remove links that are no longer working. You can find third-party applications that identify broken links on your site.

3. HTTP Requests

Also important to website optimization is reducing the number of HTTP requests. HTTP requests come from components such as images, your style sheet, flash images, redirects, and javascript. Reduce the number of these requests on each page to optimize the page.

4. Image Size

Displaying images is important, and even when you optimize them, you can still speed up the load time even more by reducing their size. You can reduce your images size by cropping it and reducing pixels.

5. CDN

A Content Delivery Network is a server that is located closest to your site visitor. The further your visitor is from the server, the longer it will take the page to receive and process your visitors request, which equates to slower load times. This issue can be avoided by employing a CDN. A CDN stores information in a server closer to the visitor to ensure fast load times.

6. Loading of Elements

There are two ways a web page loads elements. With synchronous loading, the elements, such as images, are loading in their order of appearance. With asynchronous loading, the elements are loaded at the same time and not in any particular order. Use asynchronous to avoid waiting on individual files to be uploaded.

Ensuring good website optimization is an important piece of the overall design of your website. It can also be the first reason you lose the interest of your visitor. Regularly inspect your site to ensure everything is in proper working order.