Marketing your business is not a straightforward path. In fact, it is usually more circular in nature. You will need to constantly go back and analyze your methods in order to see what is working and what needs to be adjusted. Thankfully, analytics has become a huge component in modern marketing. How you go about testing all of your web assets and marketing strategies can be a huge component in your overall success. From a lookalike audience to social media metrics, there are a few easy ideas you can work into your strategy right now.

Gauging Existing Content

In the last few years, companies have been exhausting their resources trying to create as much content as possible. Unfortunately, this is an easy way to run out of good ideas. To make content more impactful, organizations are repurposing old content to give it a new shot at an audience. To pick pieces that are the most likely to take flight once posted online, you need to analyze the performance of each post. Pull up some reports on your top-performing content and see how you can make some tweaks to give it new life without spending a dime.

Testing Your Website

How your audience responds to your website will make or break your success online. Sadly, many brands are unable to know much about how things will play out until the design is launched. However, new tactics like creating a lookalike audience can be quite beneficial in this department. By using a “cloned” audience, you can test a few different possibilities in terms of how your audience might respond to and interact with your site. Though the future isn’t set in stone, this can help you get a general idea of what is to come.

Reviewing Your Social Channels

Posting on social media might be a daily task for your business, but you also need to make sure you are reviewing how you’re doing on these channels. If you’re posting and forgetting about the content altogether, you aren’t really using social media to the fullest. You must go back and assess which posts are performing the best. This can help you strategize for the future, focusing your efforts on creating pieces that fit within this template. Since audience tastes can change, you’ll want to assess performance at least once a quarter to stay current.

Whether you use a lookalike audience or focus primarily on repurposing old content, there are plenty of ways to revitalize your digital marketing approach. See what works for you and develop a strategy that leads to results.