Most business owners understand the importance of interpreting and analyzing data. In a time when digital mediums drive most marketing initiatives, understanding how your campaigns are performing in real-time can be vital to your success. Naturally, using the many features of Google Analytics to the fullest is not so straightforward. To take advantage of your experience while analyzing data, it can be useful to have the right mindset. Follow these tips and you’ll start to see better results from your efforts to make sense of various data sets.

Remember All Your Channels 

One of the easiest habits to get stuck in is limiting yourself when analyzing your data. For example, you may put most of your energy into interpreting the information related to your company website. While definitely important, you have several other channels that demand your attention in this regard. Failing to include social channels, e-commerce markets, and other data points in your analysis can give you an incomplete picture of your business. It might be more involved, but going through all your channels on a routine basis will be a huge help to your company.

Focus on Mobile Browsing 

Computers were once the primary machines used when people needed to access the internet. Those days are long gone, however. If your sessions with Google Analytics revolve primarily around the data connected to standard browsing, then you need to expand your horizons a bit. Since the average consumer is likely visiting your site and social channels on a phone or tablet, you want to make sure your analysis incorporates these data points. Knowing how your customers are accessing your resources can play a big part in where you put most of your energy moving forward.

Specific Conversion Objectives

Having vague or ill-defined goals can be problematic when it comes to successfully analyzing data. This means you need to give some shape to your objectives. If your plan is to convert more customers, then have a plan for how you aim to achieve this. Instead of being general, state that you will put effort into converting through your social channels. Giving tangible edges to your plans can help you make a plan that leads you right to the desired outcome, instead of simply fumbling around in the dark and hoping for the best.

Using Google Analytics to your advantage is all about exploring what is possible. Give yourself some goals and see how the tools available to you help you create a map that leads you to success.